‘Twilight telescopes’ are discovering ‘city-killer’ asteroids

Relating to searching for asteroids, we now have a blind spot. It could appear counterintuitive, however crucial asteroid discoveries at the moment are being made in twilight, when astronomers are in a position to look near the horizon — and near the solar — for little-known asteroids that orbit contained in the orbits of Earth, Venus and even Mercury.

In a perspective revealed in Science in the present day, asteroid-hunter Scott Sheppard of the Carnegie Establishment of Science highlights the brand new “twilight telescope” surveys and the riches they’re starting to find. That features the primary asteroid with an orbit inside to Venus and one with the shortest-known orbital interval across the solar, each of which have been unearthed within the final two years. It additionally consists of “city-killers,” asteroids giant sufficient that in the event that they had been to affect Earththe harm could be extreme.

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