The key to UConn’s next championship? Geno Auriemma focused on development of Edwards, Juhasz, DeBerry

With a couple of 3-pointers and a spurt that cut the South Carolina lead to six late in the third quarter, the UConn women’s basketball team briefly made last week’s national championship game look closer on the scoreboard than it ever did in how it played out.

“It just didn’t feel right the entire game,” Coach Geno Auriemma said Saturday. “I say this to anybody who will listen: Yeah, guards control the game and, yes, it’s about your guards and, yes, [South Carolina guard] Destanni Henderson was probably the best player on the floor the other night. But at the same time, I’ve never gone to the national championship game and not had one or two big guys who could dominate the game at either end, offensively or defensively. And a lot of times we’ve gone there and they dominated both ends.”

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