Everybody’s Enjoying Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Regardless of The Bugs

Screenshot: Nintendo / Kotaku There are video games which are going to promote it doesn’t matter what. Grand Theft Auto VI might be launched in such a damaged state that it kills your firstborn, and it’d nonetheless promote a billion copies day one. Breath of the Wild 2 may come laced with anthrax, and folks … Read more

Halo Infinite Fans Mad After 343 Delays Co-Op For Team ‘Health’

screenshot: 343 Industries It’s rare to see a video game developer publicly acknowledge crunch, let alone cite its avoidance as a reason for delays. On Friday, developer 343 Industries revealed the long-anticipated roadmap for Halo Infinitereplete with a number of pushed-back features alongside a frank acknowledgment that such decisions were made in the interest of … Read more

Where To Find Legendary Gold Loot In Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

screenshot: Gearbox / Kotaku Yeah sure Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands has an end goal. Ostensibly, you’re tasked with completing a main story, something about saving the world and defeating the big bad villain and blah blah blah. But c’mon, we all know what the real point is: finding a ton of kickass loot. Let us help. … Read more