Everybody’s Enjoying Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Regardless of The Bugs

Screenshot: Nintendo / Kotaku There are video games which are going to promote it doesn’t matter what. Grand Theft Auto VI might be launched in such a damaged state that it kills your firstborn, and it’d nonetheless promote a billion copies day one. Breath of the Wild 2 may come laced with anthrax, and folks … Read more

Somehow, Elden Ring’s Most Forgotten Boss Now Has A Fandom

I ain’t losing this time, Soldier of Godrick!Picture: FromSoftware Elden Ring is full of captivating enemies, many of them awe-inspiring and grotesque. Malenia and Radahn are obvious examples of formidable foes in the Lands Between that players have fallen in love with, but there’s another, more humble enemy roaming around Limgrave that has somehow captured … Read more

Elden Ring YouTuber Crushes Malenia And ‘Git Gud’ Reddit Losers

Despite Elden Ring‘s notorious difficulty, folks are always looking for new challenges in the Lands Between. Malenia, a notoriously difficult late-game boss, has become a particular fixation for the community at large, especially after a nearly naked player became a celebrity by killing her skillfully. But now, fans are upping up the ante even further … Read more