Dan Levitt’s ‘What’s Gotten Into You’ traces atoms’ lengthy journey from the massive bang to the human physique

Join CNN’s Surprise Principle science publication. Discover the universe with information on fascinating discoveries, scientific developments and extra. CNN — In its violent early years, Earth was a molten hellscape that ejected the moon after a fiery collision with one other protoplanet, scientists now suspect. Later, it morphed from a watery expanse to a large … Read more

What seniors have to learn about taking Paxlovid

CNN — A brand new coronavirus variant is circulating, essentially the most transmissible one but. Hospitalizations of contaminated sufferers are rising. And older adults characterize practically 90% of US deaths from Covid-19 in current months, the most important portion because the begin of the pandemic. What does that imply for individuals 65 and older catching … Read more

Getting old will be reversed in mice. Are individuals subsequent?

CNN — In Boston labs, outdated, blind mice have regained their eyesight, developed smarter, youthful brains and constructed more healthy muscle and kidney tissue. On the flip facet, younger mice have aged prematurely, with devastating outcomes to just about each tissue of their our bodies. The experiments present getting older is a reversible course of, … Read more