Learn how to do a one arm pull up

Doing a one arm has many benefits over climbing laborious. For one, you may chug a beer whereas doing a one-arm. You may impress your mates at events or choose up chicks or meat-head dudes or no matter you are into. If you are able to do a one-arm, you’ll all the time look sturdy, irrespective of how not in form you truly are. Your biceps and shoulders will likely be large. Doing a one arm is objectively cool.

However I will not beat across the bush right here: The key to doing the elusive one-arm is that there is no such thing as a secret. Very like climbing, there is no such thing as a formulaic approach for reaching a rep, however slightly a collection of steps you may undertake to set your self up for fulfillment.

Unfold out over the previous couple of years, I’ve completed precisely 5 one-arms. I am comfortable to have achieved them at numerous factors, however in no way do I’ve the talent locked down. It is price noting, pricey reader, that there’s solely a restricted relationship between doing one-arms and climbing laborious. Give it some thought: how typically are you climbing after which instantly simply hanging on with one arm to execute a transfer? Climbing is a full-body sport, whereas doing a one-arm is an remoted train. As such, I’ve met loads of V14+ or 5.15 no matter climbers who cannot crank one out.

Then again, I’ve by no means met anybody who can do a one-armed complain about their talent.


  • ABC Pull Ups: This train was taught to me by none aside from Janja Garnbrett’s coach, Roman Krajnik. It is a two-handed train, so it is nice for constructing foundational power. Start by doing a pull-up on a jug or bar. When you get to the highest, decrease right down to 90 levels and maintain it for 5 seconds. Decrease down utterly and, with out leaping off, repeat. You will do that 4 to 5 occasions. Then relaxation for 45 seconds and do six to eight units in complete. Like climbing, the train entails each pulling and holding—which is essential to with the ability to stick and management holds. It additionally helps enhance your time below rigidity (TUT), which is the period of time you are actively participating a gaggle of muscle tissues. Rising your TUT might help construct power and even tendon well being, which will likely be essential in lastly executing that one-arm.
    • Variations: Attempt decreasing for 5 seconds slightly than holding the 90-degree lock-off. Or add weight to make it more durable. Or take away weight and check out being explosive throughout your pull-up. There are various methods to change this one.
  • Weighted Pull Ups: One other two-handed train! Weighted pull-ups are nice for constructing most power and energy. For this train, it is vital you heat up utterly and to construct up weight slowly. Add extra weight and do fewer reps to extend energy, or do much less weight and extra reps to extend foundational power.
      • Notice: Lots of people need to know what share of your physique weight it’s best to be capable of pull in an effort to do a one-arm. Primarily based alone expertise, I might say 70 % or extra appears proper, though I’ve heard many others say 80 %.
  • One arm lock offs: For this train, chances are you’ll must take weight off through a pulley system or along with your toes in a resistance band. Use each arms to leap up into the highest place of a pull-up. Then let go together with one arm and decrease with the opposite. Select an angle to cease at after which maintain. I typically goal to carry a place for 8 to 10 seconds. Additional time, you may need to carry out this train in numerous lock-off positions, however chances are you’ll need to follow only one angle for a selected session. If you happen to can maintain a lock-off for greater than 15 seconds at physique weight, strive including weight. Notice: Keep away from holding a lock-off on the high of the bar. This excessive angle places a lot of stress on the elbow and is not as efficient as lock-offs at lesser levels.
  • One Arm Negatives: Use each arms to leap up into the highest place of a pull-up. Let go together with one arm after which decrease with the opposite. The “unfavourable” ought to be carried out slowly, with full management the entire approach down. Purpose to decrease in 5 seconds or extra. You might must take weight off with a pulley system or put your toes in a resistance band. You can even maintain on to one thing with the opposite hand (like a band or sling) that will help you management the decrease. Negatives are considered one of my favourite train for coaching one arms. You may simply couple them with offset or assisted one-arms to do the “up” half.
  • Offset One Arms: Carry out a one-arm whereas holding on to a sling or band along with your different hand for help. The decrease you seize on the sling/band, the more durable the one-arm will likely be. Personally, I desire static help, equivalent to from a sling, over variable help from a stretch band as a result of it is extra relevant to climbing.
  • Assisted One Arms: These would be the most relevant in serving to you to be taught the talent as a result of they’re essentially the most particular. Assisted one-arms may be carried out once you take weight off with a pulley system or should you put your toes in a resistance band. The important thing distinction between offset one-arms and assisted one-arms is that you simply’re hanging freely from one arm slightly than utilizing the opposite to stabilize/stability and help. Assisted one-arms subsequently provide help to acquire power within the right kind.

Steps for development

I discover that selection is vital. You will need to combine up your routine, altering the quantity of reps/units carried out of every train and the quantity of weight you are including or taking off. Because of this reaching your first-one arm is difficult: performing the identical workouts each week in perpetuity will finally end in a plateau.

One factor I wish to remind myself is that you must make beneficial properties occur. They will not happen on their very own. Meaning you have to to dig deep whereas performing the aforementioned workouts. If you happen to’re drained, I’d advocate not doing them in any respect and to save lots of your reps for once you’re contemporary.


Performing the assisted one-arms will provide help to lockdown your kind. You might must experiment to determine what feels best to you. Many individuals desire to twist into their arm as they pull (assume going from a pull-up place to a chin-up place by the point you’ve got reached the highest), whereas others desire to remain extra sq. because it’s extra instantly relevant to most face climbs. Ideally you would be good at each.


Alex Puccio as soon as did six one-arms in a row. Sean McColl can do 4. There is a video on Instagram of Jongwon Chon doing 20.

And Adam Ondra, the world’s greatest climber? In 2010, Ondra despatched his first 9b (5.15b) with Golpe de Estado, in Siurana. In an interview with Baurock.ru, he stated he may solely do 30 two hand pull-ups and 0 one-arms. “Fairly weak in pull ups, uh?” he stated. “Climbing is an fascinating sport.”

Ondra has progressed during the last decade, each in climbing and pulling power. In Ned Feehally’s ebook, beastmakingOndra stated he can now do 16.

For many climbers, one or two one-arms in a row is extra more likely to be the tip aim. However persistence and laborious work will likely be key.

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