Implementing with Top Flight Professional Football (Soccer) Clubs; and Receiving Inquiries from Professional Basketball Clubs

LAS VEGAS, NV /ACCESSWIRE/April 6, 2022/ MMA Global, Inc. (OTC PINK:LUSI) (the “Company” or “ZUKI.APP”) (name and ticker symbol change pending) is pleased to announce that since joining the ZUKI.APP group, MoneyBall:

  1. Has begun integrating its over-the-top (“OTT”) AI-powered TV ad management tech into the bespoke TV stations of a number of top flight professional football (soccer) clubs in the Italy’s Serie A and Portugals’ Premeira Liga;

  2. Has begun doing the same with a number top flight professional football (soccer) clubs in Latin America; and

  3. Is also responding to inquiries it is receiving from top flight European basketball clubs.

The Opportunity

There are 3.5 billion football (soccer) fans worldwide. These fans follow their clubs and the sport in general with great passion each season and during the off season. The goal of MoneyBall is to connect clubs, fans and brands over each club’s bespoke TV stations.

During the course of COVID19 pandemic most top flight professional clubs around the world have developed their own bespoke TV channels to engage with club fans. This trend is not limited to professional football (soccer), but has affected other sports, too.

According to the KPMG’s recent 2021 report, for the first time in their annual reports on the subject, the aggregate enterprise value (EV) of the 32 most prominent European football clubs has dropped by fifteen percent (15%) year-on-year ( or about EUR 6.1 billion), down to EUR 33.6 billion, due to a drop in revenues.

The overall EV decrease has been a result of the aggregate annual decline in the 32 clubs’ total operating revenues due to COVID19 response measures, in contrast to the constant growth over the five years before COVID-19.

While the sight of empty stadiums during sporting fixtures becomes a familiar sight, leagues, clubs, and federations that make up the sports industry are still figuring out how to generate much-needed revenue. The impact of lost ticket and sponsorship revenue is a challenge that cannot be ignored. The revenue structure of professional football has remained steady during the most recent decades, lead by the sale of broadcast rights, matchday revenue (ticket and F&B sales) and player transfers. The COVID19 effect has driven clubs, leagues, and federations to become more creative abut revenue generation and to look at alternative, digital-first strategies to bring in stable revenue streams.

This force is driving the interest in Moneyball, the first TV Ads management platform connecting clubs, fans and brands. Money is powered by artificial intelligence and helps the club attract and enable brand sponsorship of events and programming on clubs’ bespoke TV stations.

This technology is a game-changer, because it allows not only big brands, but also local brands to advertise during games and other club programming using AI to yield better segmentation, according to geography, fan interests, and user behavior, which improves targeting and substantially decreases the cost per view and viewer resistance to advertising and allows clubs to increase the number of companies or brands that engage.

“In the same way when you go to Facebook or Google, you can find personalized ads according to your topics of interest and geography, we bring a similar technological approach and make it accessible to the web-base sports television and professional football clubs,” said Helder Silva, Moneyball’s founder and lead executive. Big Tech companies generate revenue, not only because they have a few big brands advertising to their users, but because they also enable and harness millions of local brands and businesses who desire to engage in highly targeted marketing within their respective markets.

Taking a similar approach with professional sports organizations, MoneyBall can help:

A. Those organizations add a whole new category of revenues;

B. Brands dial in their advertising spend on highly targeted audiences; and

C. Reduce fan frustration with or resistance to (and increase consumer engagement with) advertising by focusing the advertising a fan sees on products and service in which the fan is individually interested.

The Zuki Group plan is:

• To add Zuki’s OTT fan engagement and consumer activation tools found in Zuki’s P2E game environment to MoneyBall’s OTT ad management offerings to the professional sports organizations it brings in; and

• To make Moneyball’s OTT ad management offerings to available Zuki’s game makers, who have podcasts, YouTube and other video based engagements with their followers.

About ZUKI.APP & MoneyBall

ZUKI.APP’s mission is to gamify everything. Sports. eSports. Entertainment. Politics. Weather. Science. Business. Shopping. Health. History. Family history. Whatever interests you! The Zukisphere™ includes not only you, but a fast-growing, international group of Web3/Metaverse tech companies, including:

o ZUKI.APP (USA), a crypto-fueled, play-to-earn (“P2E”) game platform designed to engage family, friends and fans alike.

o GTR24H (Denmark), a dynamic, leading European sim endurance eRacing games and eSports broadcasting platform for drivers, teams and eSports fans with worldwide media reach.

o Delivery Drop (UK), a fast-growing, feature-rich, on-demand delivery app operating in the United Kingdom. o Moneyball (Portugal), the first artificial intelligence (AI)- powered TV ads management platform, connecting sporting organizations, clubs, teams, and other influencers (large and small) and the brands who sponsor them with their fans and followers.

o BillionGraves (USA), a genealogical tech play helping over 1.5 million professional genealogists and family history enthusiasts geolocate and document death and other vital graves in an elegant, simple and highly effective way.

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