Amalthea: Information about Jupiter’s uncommon internal moon

The moon Amalthea is certainly one of Jupiter’s 53 named satellites; it was the primary to be found after the 4 Galilean moons, and it’s the fifth-largest general. When it comes to proximity to JupiterAmalthea is the planet’s third moon — it takes simply 12 hours to make a full orbit.

Amalthea: Fast information

Form: Irregular

Dimension: Imply radius of 51.88 miles (83.5 kilometers) ± 1.49 miles (2.4 kilometers)

Common distance from Jupiter: 112,717 miles (181,400 kilometers)

Orbit interval: 11 hours, 54 minutes

Temperature: 155 ± 15 Kelvin

Composition: Rocky, specifics unknown

Astronomer Edward Emerson Barnard found Amalthea on September 9, 1892, whereas astronomer Camille Flammarion instructed the identify Amalthea after the Greek mythological determine. Amalthea was the ultimate planetary satellite tv for pc within the photo voltaic system to be found by direct commentary — that’s, through a telescope somewhat than an imaging gadget like a satellite tv for pc or a probe.

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